At Timbuktu, our goal is to help you stay healthy and safe during travel so you can enjoy your trip! Timbuktu proudly offers full and complete in-house travel medicine services by a physician who has been academically trained to be a specialist in the field of travel medicine.

Both pre- and post-travel health consultations are available (post-travel consultations are offered by physician referral only).

During a comprehensive pre-travel consultation, you will be able to receive all indicated vaccines (including yellow fever) and travel-related prescriptions, including more advanced travel medicine services when necessary (e.g. malaria standby emergency treatment or HIV post-exposure prophylaxis).

Because there is generally no need for follow-up visits with your family physician or another health care provider, you can avoid the added confusion, frustration, and financial costs that can come with additional appointments.

We welcome all travellers, from the very young to the very old, as well as those with disabilities, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and those with underlying illness or immune suppression.

Timbuktu Travel Medicine is the only destination you’ll need for all things “travel health.”

Start your trip in the right direction!